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We design bespoke coaching packages that always begin with a free chemistry check and discussion of overall objectives, followed by a detailed assessment and programme scoping. This can include:


  • 360 degree assessment
  • observation in role with feedback
  • facilitation of meetings
  • one-to-one coaching
  • mediation and dispute resolution
  • team building
  • leadership development
  • psychometric tests


We work with individuals who are sponsored by their organisations or who contract with us privately, and we work with teams and across organisations.

Organisational Consultation


Our organisational consultation programmes lead you through the process of preparing for, implementing, and sustaining an organisational structure and culture that is specifically devised to maximise growth and success through the attraction, integration and retention of talent.


Again we start with a free meeting to assess your situation and agree your priorities.

The company owner doesn't need to win.
The best idea does.

- John C. Maxwell

If two persons on the same job agree all the time,
then one is useless.
If they disagree all the time, both are useless.

- Daryl F. Zanuck

Reflective Practice


Reflective Practice is an activity conducted at regular intervals – for example once monthly – with a team of staff and/or management who on each occasion meet with a facilitator for a 90 minute session in order to together raise, analyse, process and learn from recent work incidents and issues and out of that to plan improvements that can be incorporated into future practice.


Reflective Practice:


  • enhances and develops clarity of communication
  • improves mutual understanding and co-operation
  • promotes honest feedback
  • aids team cohesion and performance
  • can provide the most important source of professional development outside of formal learning or knowledge transfer.


A key rationale for Reflective Practice is that for learning to take place, experience alone is not sufficient: deliberate reflection on experience is necessary. The learning is multiplied when colleagues deliberately reflect together, and yet further advanced when a skilled facilitator incisively hones the process.  Making this a regular activity increases the gains made as people build a trusting working relationship with the facilitator and generalise the reflective capacity and interactive behaviours practiced within the sessions to their daily dealings with colleagues and clients.


Contact us to discuss introducing Reflective Practice into your workplace.

Our consultants hold one or more of the following certifications:


  •  EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) accredited Executive Coaching training at Senior Practitioner Level
  •  ICF (International Coach Federation) Accredited Coach Training
  •  CEDR (Centre for Dispute Resolution) accreditation



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