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Are you a high-ability adult? Do you know, or work with, high-ability adults?

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Our specialism is researching and attending to the differences, challenges and needs related to high ability.


Ability alone never determines outcome because of other factors like opportunity, motivation, and effort.


At two extremes, a person with high ability could be navigating a high-profile career with exceptional levels of challenge, reward, and responsibility, or they could be undeveloped, frustrated and suicidally depressed.  High ability is used in very different ways, from benefiting millions, to living a contented low-profile life, to mastering serious crime.  At Equipped Consulting we are fascinated by all of these.


We work internationally and
welcome worldwide enquiries.

We consult face-to-face,
by video call, telephone and email.

We provide emotionally intelligent
consulting services designed to improve the
personal and professional lives of high-ability adults.

- H.E. Luccock

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.





1. The power or capacity to do something.


synonyms: capability, potential, faculty, aptitude, facility, propensity, means, competence, knack


2. Skill or talent.


synonyms: expertise, proficiency, adeptness, prowess, mastery, artistry, calibre, accomplishment


- Paperback Oxford English Dictionary (2010)

Can you be decent and gifted at the same time?


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